Rachel Carson Intermediate School


    The Rachel Carson I.S. 237 Magnet School for the Arts strives to achieve academic excellence by integrating music, visual arts, and theater across the curriculum. We excite and engage students by incorporating the arts to deepen students' understanding of core content while promoting an atmosphere of creativity, inquiry, and intellectual rigor.

School Principal

Ms. Judith Friedman
School Principal,Supervisor Math
E-mail: JFriedm@schools.nyc.gov
Phone(718) 353-6464
Fax(718) 460-6427

Assistant Principals

Ms. Carla Brathwaite, Assistant Principal Grade 7 Supervisor Science, Physical Education, Health/Hygiene, Special Education
E-mail: CBrathw@schools.nyc.gov
Phone(718) 353-6464 x 2291
Fax(718) 460-6427

Mr. Stephen Galizia, Assistant Principal Grade 8 Supervisor English Language Arts (ELA), Talent and Guidance
E-mail: SGalizi@schools.nyc.gov
Phone(718) 353-6464 x 1091
Fax(718) 460-6427

Ms. Jeanine Strong, Assistant Principal Grade 6
Supervisor Social Studies, ENL and Second Language, Technology
E-mail: JStrong@schools.nyc.gov
Phone(718) 353-6464 x 3291
Fax(718) 460-6427


Mr. Cliff Serrett

6th Grade Dean
E-mail: CSerrett@schools.nyc.gov

Mr. Michael Stone
7th Grade Dean
E-mail: MStone6@schools.nyc.gov

Mr. Ben Ercoli
8th Grade Dean
E-mail: bercoli@schools.nyc.gov


Ms. Lisa Levardsen
Guidance Counselor
Phone (718)353-6464 x 2292
Fax (718)460-6427

Ms. Xiuyue Lin
Guidance Counselor
Phone (718)353-6464 x 3292
Fax (718)460-6427

Mr. Kenneth Ye
Guidance Counselor
Phone (718)353-6464 x 3058
Fax (718)460-6427

Parent Coordinator

Mrs. Shirley Bryant
Parent Coordinator
Email: SBryant22@schools.nyc.gov
Phone (718)353-6464 x 1231
Fax (718)460-6427